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10 Tried and Tested Tips to being a Successfully Authentic Dancer.

When starting out, whether it be as a recent graduate, as an established dancer beginning a new project or a dancer shifting mid-career, it can be exciting but also a challenge. I love reading about people who have been successful, in any field and to be inspired by how they have gone about accomplishing their…

Question Time : A Dancer’s Time to Reflect

Where do you begin in deciding what route to follow when you are evolving from a professional performance career to a new pathway? You may already be clear about what that pathway may be but on the other hand you may feel a little lost, vague or unclear. This article aims to help you sit,…

Excellence Vs Perfectionism in Dance”

Excellence Vs Perfectionism Trying to strike a balance between achieving excellence and avoiding tipping into perfectionist tendencies is a fine line. “Striving for excellence motivates you; striving for perfection is demoralising” Harriet Braiker As a dancer we are hard working individuals and keen to work towards our dreams and ambitions. Yet how far are we […]