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Question Time : A Dancer’s Time to Reflect

Where do you begin in deciding what route to follow when you are evolving from a professional performance career to a new pathway? You may already be clear about what that pathway may be but on the other hand you may feel a little lost, vague or unclear. This article aims to help you sit,…

Excellence Vs Perfectionism in Dance”

Excellence Vs Perfectionism Trying to strike a balance between achieving excellence and avoiding tipping into perfectionist tendencies is a fine line. “Striving for excellence motivates you; striving for perfection is demoralising” Harriet Braiker As a dancer we are hard working individuals and keen to work towards our dreams and ambitions. Yet how far are we […]

The Art of Self Care

How often do we really take care of ourselves? It can sometimes be easier to put other people’s needs, paying the bills and the demands of every day life ahead of our own needs, health and happiness. This is a question I have been contemplating for a little while as I currently have 9 loved…