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Excellence Vs Perfectionism in Dance”

Excellence Vs Perfectionism Trying to strike a balance between achieving excellence and avoiding tipping into perfectionist tendencies is a fine line. “Striving for excellence motivates you; striving for perfection is demoralising” Harriet Braiker As a dancer we are hard working individuals and keen to work towards our dreams and ambitions. Yet how far are we […]


Stress causes inflammation in the body; dance can cool it down! 

Inflammation in the body is triggered by stress, poor diet and obesity and physical and psychological stress are major triggers of heart disease, depression, chronic pain and neurodegenerative diseases. Dance can help cool the heat and does wonders for your wellbeing and preventing horrible illnesses that can impact negatively on your life. Dance and other…

The Sleeping Dancer

How much sleep do you have every night? Sleep is so fundamental to our everyday well being, which may seem an obvious statement but scientific research has discovered that the world is not having enough sleep. Ideally we should be having 8 hours of sleep a night and as Dancers if you have been moving…

Staying positive when injured

Being injured as a dancer can be a frustrating and heart sinking experience but I think it is important to use the time positively and to consider what has caused the injury and why. The body is clever and is trying to tell you something, that either there is a problem with a movement pattern…