Should I have a Plan B?

Have you heard the saying ‘a Plan B simply distracts from a Plan A’? Being a dancer it can be difficult to juggle paying the bills, keeping fit, going to classes, auditions, teaching here and there whilst retaining focus for your dream and ‘Plan A’. However, keeping that focus and commitment is the secret to achieving success and gives you a clear direction to carve out your dream in to a reality.

When you are clear about what your dream and vision is (see my previous blog, Question Time: A Dancer’s Time to Reflect), it will help you to put steps into action. If you look at the most successful dancers in the world or any successful human in any industry in fact, they rarely had a Plan B, only an A! Keeping focused on your intention allows for your imagination and hard work to knit together and for the plan to come alive.

If you truly believe in your new venture, whatever wonderful idea that maybe, you need to be fully and emotionally invested. The more attention you give your new ideas, the more fully they will flourish. The more they flourish, the more motivated and emotionally connected you will feel to them. And so the happy process begins! Stick to your beliefs about your ideas and that they will work – in fact they can’t fail!Decide who you are going to be, what you are going to be and how. This strong faith, patience, tenacity and consistency in approach is the winning formula to making your Plan A become a reality. If something doesn’t go quite to plan, it may throw you into a different pathway, potentially a better one than you ever imagined. It is a case of finding the balance between strategic planing and being flexible when new opportunities arise and going with the flow.

So how do I leap into my Plan A and still keep on top of my responsibilities?

1. Take it steady. If you already have a job, do your Plan A in your spare time, however much that may be. Whether an hour a week or one day a week – it is whatever works best for you. Gently transition when you are ready or able into a job that you want to focus on. You will know when the time is right, either because you are financially ready or you can already see clear and positive results.

2. Set a time frame. Give your self a date when you will review your progress. Such as, “In six months time I will decide what is working or not working well for me at this point”. Reflect, improve and move on.

3. Explore different ideas. If you have lots of different interests such as teaching, choreographing, photography, creating music; explore them. You may find these can all sit together nicely and compliment one another to create your business that is an expression of you. You don’t have to do just one thing but can do lots of different things. As dancers it is a great asset to be flexible and to be able to be skilled in many different areas – this is what makes us employable and versatile. As people are now living longer, our careers are lasting for that bit more too. The more skills we have in our field, the better and it means our careers in Dance can have more longevity.

4. Take the time to set up your idea properly. Do some research and pay your full attention to your ideas and stick to them. See what other people are up to, in a similar field and consider how can you learn from them? Find a suitable mentor who can support you and help you to develop your creative ideas and offer suggestions that you may not of previously considered. Have a sense of plan and progress and commit to it fully, so that it is consistent, allowing you to gauge your success.

Final Note: Believe in your ability, make clear decisions, have a focused vision, work hard and manifest your dreams and ideas into a reality. Good luck!

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