Question Time : A Dancer’s Time to Reflect

Where do you begin in deciding what route to follow when you are evolving from a professional performance career to a new pathway? You may already be clear about what that pathway may be but on the other hand you may feel a little lost, vague or unclear. This article aims to help you sit, think, reflect and question yourself about where you are at and what you think you may flourish into next. You may not have all of the answers – this is completely fine but it may help you to put some straight forward steps in place and into action. I have tried these questions and have found them very helpful in gaining clarification and momentum in creating new projects and steps forward.

Grab a notebook, a pen and a comfy space in which you can sit quietly and won’t be disturbed. Answer truthfully and as fully as you can to help you begin to design your new life.

1. Look forward in time when you are in the winter years of your life…

A. What will you be most proud of?

B. What will you have regretted not doing?

2. If money and time were no object what would your dream life look like?

3. Identify 2 people who champion you and have always supported you. What do they do to make you feel great?

4. Name 2 people you know personally who inspire you and why?

5. Describe the best version of yourself. What does that look like?

6. What is stopping you achieving being the best version of yourself?

7. What do you need to do to bridge the gap of who you are now and the best version of you?

8. What two steps could you do in the next week that would make a change to your current situation.

9.What makes you feel empowered and confident?

10. What makes you feel weak, fearless and powerless?

11.What is unique about you?

12. What things excite you about life? List them….


After you have written them down, write two actions that you are going to do in the next week to help you move forward. It could be something simple such as emailing someone, researching a new course or speaking to someone for advice.


Return to these questions and answers in one months time and see how you feel in relation to your responses, consider the actions you have taken during this month and what can you do next? Program this in your diary.

Keep returning to these questions and the answers may stay the same or they may evolve. Hopefully they will help to shed some clarity on your thoughts and ideas. We all have the answers within us, sometimes it is just about using the right questions to unlock these. Good luck!

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