10 Reasons to give Raise the Barre a go!

Come and work with me to improve your health, physically and mentally and to feel energised, happy and radiant, inside and out. Having recently launched my new personal training programme, Raise the Barre, I felt I wanted to combine my areas of passion all rolled into one; dance and fitness, healthy eating and elevating wellbeing to another level. 

Raise the Barre is a service on a one to one basis and includes ballet barre and fitness exercises, mat work, nutrition advice, meditation and methods to manage stress. The sessions are fun and supportive and are carefully planned to suit your individual needs, goals and outcomes. Initially we will discuss your aims and reasons for training so that there is a clear direction in your personal programme. The 1 hour sessions can be held in a local studio or at your home. 

10 reasons for giving Raise the Barre a go!

1. The sessions will be tailor made to you and it will help to improve your overall body tone, posture, strength, stamina, flexibility, coordination and confidence. The exercises are a combination of elegant and creative barre workouts and I can use music of your choice that motivates and inspires you.

2. The class will work your mind as well as your body and forces you to switch off from daily stresses and worries.
3. After the class you will feel stretched and as if you have used all of your body. You will discover new muscles that you never knew existed!
4. The session will work around you and any past injuries or illnesses.
5. If you require, there is the option of nutrition advice and a healthy eating plan.
6. At the end of the sessions there is a short meditation to help you feel centred and ready to take on the rest of the day.
7. You will feel energised and your head will feel clearer, allowing you to be able to listen to your inner voice. It will allow your intuition to have clarity and to follow your inner guidance to lead you in the right direction to sustain a happier life.
8. The sessions can be held at a local studio or I can come to visit your home. Ideally you need a space that is minimally 4 metres by 4 metres.
9. You will end the session feeling motivated, happy and calm.
10. It is great fun!

I’ll meet you at the Barre!

For further information and prices please email me dance@hannily.co.uk

Visit my website: http://hannily.co.uk/raise-the-barre/

All other social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hannilybendelldance/

Blog: hannilysblog.wordpress.com

Twitter: @hannilydance

Instagram: Hannily_Bendell_Dance 


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