January Series – a seriously delicious smoothly packed with vitamins

This is a great smoothie for this time of year, full of Vitamins and nutrients to keep colds and flu at bay. Here is a simple delicious blend that takes 5 minutes and will help to increase your nutritional intake and aid recovery from an intense day in the studio or after a performance:


2 x orangesfull of Vitamin C to help combat colds and flu at this time of year.

1 x carrot full of Vitamin A which helps with a healthy neurological function, clear vision and healthy skin and hair. 

1 x slice of ginger great for digestion, colds, pain relief, it helps to keep you warm in winter, it can treat nausea and it can reduce inflammation.

1/2 a mango – A super Vitamin A and C boost. Not to mention they are a great antioxidant and can help to combat cancer, diabetes, lower cholesterol, helps to maintain clear skin, improve eye health, support digestion and they help to matain alkali levels in the body.

1/2 teaspoon of turmerica wonderful antioxidant proven to reduce heart disease and increase brain function. 

Splash of orange juiceVitamin C splurge.

Splash of coconut water (optional) – rich in nutrients which aids hydration, helps to keep the skin clear and facilitates digestion.

                                                                                                        Blend and enjoy!

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