January Series – setting goals and sticking to them…

At this time of year we are always asked by others what our New Years resolutions are and what we want to achieve. Yet how do we actually sustain the motivation to achieve our goals and how do we efficiently go about working towards them? Very often we plan goals for ourselves that are very attainable and within our current skills set and yet how often do we set goals for ourselves that are out of our comfort zones, a bit crazy and have no realistic idea of how we are going accomplish them?
I think all goals should be dream driven, goals that are huge and force you to acquire new skills. This way you are not limited to the skills you only have now and it does not limit your vision for your future, based on your your current circumstances, abilities and lifestyle. This way you can learn, develop and be constantly inspired to be challenged and to evolve. It means you do not allow yourself to become bored or complacent. Having a huge vision for the future, forces us to stretch ourselves and lift us out of current situation and capabilities. Dream BIG first and then work backwards. What do you need to do and what skills, resources and information do you need to accomplish the BIG dream? Does it scare you a little? Yes? Then great, go for it and persist at it until it does happen. It won’t happen straight away and dedication, work and positive faith will enable you to sustain the desire and to help you maintain the vision of the bigger picture and consider what is it all for?

Sometimes when we set goals it can become a tick list, rather than a consideration of how it will be of benefit and how it will develop us for the future. I think by having a clear idea of the bigger picture, helps us to stay focused and put ideas into perspective. By having an emotional connection to the goal it helps you to stick you your new habits and gives further motivation. What are your reasons for setting goals and what is it that is going to sustain you? For example, is it going to allow a better life, to be healthier person, will it make your family proud? Imagine how it will feel when you achieve your goal and associate positive emotions and feelings to living out your ideal career or life, whether it be as a dancer or in another profession.

Goal Setting Considerations:
1. Before you set goals, rate your current situation or skills out of 10. What do you need to improve on? Be honest with yourself.

2. When you set a goal, consider what will happen afterwards. How will it impact on the future and what will you do you develop further and how will it snowball into the next step? What is the next mission? This consideration will help to keep momentum, inspiration and keep boredom at bay.

3. Use your diary to its full effect. Schedule when the end goal is and then mark in your diary smaller goals to work towards it. This will help you stick to new habits and to reach your end goal. By being disciplined with time management it frees up time for yourself that is not always work and study related.

4. Question whether the goal is meaningful, tangible, of benefit to you and others. Does it make a difference?

5. Question honestly how long you think it will take to get there. If there are results in the shorter term, this will keep you motivated to continue in addition to longer term visions. 

6. Have you got what it takes to get ahead? What resources do you need to acquire?

7. Reflect each week on your progress. What went well? What do you still need to do? What did not work? By evaluating your progress it allows you to regularly check in and keep your progress on track.

Happy 2017!!!


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